Charity Help and Good Intentions

For the last 12 years, the Ann Arbor Franchise of the Professional Karate Schools of America (PKSA Ann Arbor) has been conducting an annual fundraising effort to provide Thanksgiving dinner to families in need right here in Washtenaw County. We call it The Turkey Brigade. We formed CHAGI as a 501c3 organization to help expand our charitable works, and help those who donate with the ability to do so tax-free. Consider making a donation today.

CHAGI encourages our members to volunteer in the community (both PKSA and Washtenaw County). We organize events around our community such as park clean ups, coat drives and scholarship for our karate students to help them develop and grow into the leaders of tomorrow.

C.H.A.G.I. = Charity Help And Good Intentions (also the Korean word for KICK!)

WHO: PKSA Ann Arbor leaders & parents created a non-profit organization to expand charitable activities within our dojang and Washtenaw County,

WHAT: 501c3 organization – your monetary donations are tax-deductible!

WHEN: Year-round fundraising efforts to support the annual Turkey Brigade, student scholarships and more – we welcome your ideas!

WHERE: Monthly meetings held at the PKSA Ann Arbor dojang, volunteer events across Ann Arbor

WHY: Create opportunities for karate students to give back to our community

HOW: Support our work with your time, energy, funds and other resources

Many thanks for your continued contributions and compassion!